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The brawn behind your applications is infrastructure, and to provide business value to your users, the infrastructure must be architected correctly, maintained, and upgraded as business needs demand.

One of the keys to MSI’s ability to provide industry leading support to our customers has been our focus on having an in-depth understanding of our client’s infrastructure and how it can affect system performance. Knowing the best way to build a high performing infrastructure can be challenging, but MSI’s experts can advise you through the process, whether it be building a private cloud environment, hybrid cloud, or moving all your applications to the cloud. Additionally, MSI has created a Proactive Monitoring solution that not only provides us critical information on your infrastructure, but assists us in resolving potential issues that would impact your users.

Lead by MSI’s infrastructure experts, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Solution Architecture – There are no One-Size fits all solutions.MSI’s cloud and data center solutions are designed, built and supported by industry leading infrastructure, security, and network application teams. Our solution is designed to fit your business needs on the hardware platform that allows your organization to perform at its peak.
  • Migration Planning – MSI’s migration capabilities is world class. We work with your team to you and execute successful migrations into a custom environment. Click here for more information about our Migration Services.
  • Data Center Migration Planning – As we have done for many of our customers who need flexibility in their hosting environment’s whether internal or in the cloud, MSI’s Infrastructure team can plan your migration, focusing on flexibility, multiple platforms if required, integration of third party application environments, and cutover periods with minimal downtime to the business.
  • Cloud Consultation – If you’re planning to evaluate your existing Cloud platforms, MSI’s team will work directly with you to assess business requirements and determine if the cloud environment you’ve selected is meeting your business needs and not adding additional complexity . We can create a comprehensive cloud infrastructure designed for your future plans, with phased roll outs that do not impact the business users.
  • Infrastructure monitoring – Predictive monitoring and issue resolution are key to having an environment that delivers value to the business. MSI’s Infrastructure Monitoring Service provides you the confidence that your infrastructure running at peak performance and supporting your applications, regardless of where your environment is located. High level details of our solution are:

    Monthly Recurring System Health Monitoring – Monitor up/down of system – system availability

    • Real time review of system resources
    • Predictive failure or capacity / resource depletion
    • Regular interval reporting of system health and recommended corrective actions to problems
    • Resolution of issues

    One-Time System Health Check

    • OS check
    • Hardware check
    • Network performance check
    • Report with recommended actions
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