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Database Migration & Upgrade

The contributions of a Certified Migration Consultant with multi-project migration experience, is a critical factor for a seamless execution of an OS/DB migration project. MSI has the experience, leadership, and resources to provide you a timely, cost-effective, and successful OS/DB migration. We have supplemented the migration process with MSI’s Enhanced Migration Optimization solution, which includes unique technical accelerators to enhance success. MSI’s EMO solution provides you with a structured approach to migrate the landscape, handle change management transports, and provide a successful, proven, detailed and complete project plan.

MSI’s EMO Solution Provides:

  • Optimal Migration Strategy.
  • Well defined path for reduced utilization of Client resources
  • Effective utilization of tools.
  • Fewer Errors:Because of experience we have resolution of issue / error based upon past experience / knowledge base repository.
  • Reduced migration downtime of up to 50%.

Migration Process

  • Project Management.
  • Coordination with support.
  • Hardware/OS/database selection.
  • Basis support.
  • Change Management.
  • Migration Landscape.
  • Execution of migration activities.
  • Technical support and tuning.
  • Bolt-on migration.
  • Backup strategy & implementation.
  • Disaster recovery on new platform.
  • Post-migration support.

Traditionally, the hardware, operating system and database platform for an implementation, is selected based on initial capacity sizing, cost, and skill sets required to support the environment. During the ERP lifecycle, changes in transaction volume, number of uses, changes in functionality, annual database growth, deployment of SaaS solutions, mergers and divestitures, etc., lead to changes in the requirements of hardware, OS, and / or database platform as the business considers changes to its environment, upgrades, or faster databases such as in-memory databases, etc.

Technology changes in hardware, OS, or database platform leads to a choice of better performance and reduction in cost.

The challenge current customer’s face is determining how a company can migrate their environment to a new platform, while at the same time, ensuring its functionality and processes continue to operate without significant interruption.

MSI is a member of the Global SAP OS / DB Migration Factory, a select group of leading ERP Partners chosen to assist customers migrating to Sybase, HANA, or other platforms, and has the unique capability to lead your migration needs.

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