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Upgrade Challenges

Traditionally, many SAP implementations involved interfaces to other legacy systems either through BDC’s, ALE, and/or EDI. Additionally, many installations have programmed additional enhancements and reports in order to keep their company’s processes flowing smoothly and effectively. Some companies have also knowingly, or even unknowingly, modified the base SAP system to meet their current needs.

History has shown the technical aspects of a SAP implementation were time consuming to develop but integral to the success of running SAP. The challenge current customers face is determining how a company can upgrade to the latest release of SAP, while at the same time, ensuring its functionality and processes continue to operate without significant interruption.

There are many possibilities and scenarios to choose from with a SAP upgrade. Some customers only upgrade SAP, others upgrade the hardware and database systems, and others add new SAP functionality during the upgrade. Whichever scenario meets your company’s needs, ManageServe can accurately plan for all of the events in the process and deliver a complete and successful SAP version upgrade to you and your staff.

ManageServe Upgrade Services

Having performed 60+ upgrades, MSI has the experience, leadership, and resources to provide you with a timely, cost-effective, and successful version upgrade. In conjunction with our proprietary knowledgebase of issue resolutions and experience, we utilize SAP’s ASAP upgrade methodology as the road map for our process. As an added value, we have supplemented this approach with our unique technical accelerators to enhance success. Our accelerators provide you with a structured approach to upgrading developed objects, methodologies for landscape and change management transports, and a successful, proven, detailed and complete project plan.

During our upgrade process, we assist you with choosing the right release by sharing critical information and our past experiences on the various releases, and whether each specific release has business value to our customers. MSI will lead you through the steps of Pre Planning, Preparation, Realization, and Go-Live to determine the most efficient and costs effective path which provides your users the fastest access to new SAP functionality.


  • Determine and alleviate compatibility of OS, DB, and SAP.


  • Resource planning, budgeting, project plan and time frame to ensure successful completion.
  • Confirm necessary technical prerequisites are ready.
  • Provide necessary documentation for management team approval.


  • Upgrade non-SAP components using our expertise in in interfaces, scheduling, EDI, Tax, Output Management, Bolt-on modules, faxing and monitoring/capacity tools.
  • Technical objects are tested to ensure operability and that the functionality works correctly.
  • If there are changes to the objects, they are coded and tested during this phase.
  • After the development system is upgraded, the additional systems in the landscape will be upgraded.


  • Apply Upgrade to the production system.
  • Any non-SAP upgrades are done, and then the SAP version upgrade is applied.
  • All migrations are moved from the test system to production.
  • The functional leads check the system to ensure it is operating correctly. Once in agreement that the system is operational, the users are then allowed to sign on and begin to use the new system.

50+ SAP Upgrades.

Over 60 SAP Implementations.

60+ OS/DB Migrations Incl. HANA

ManageServe is SAP Channel Partner, SAP Certified Hosting Services provider, and a valued member of the SAP OS / DB Migration Factory Global upgrade team.

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