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Value Proposition

We believe in becoming our clients’ trusted adviser. We achieve this goal with every client by utilizing our TCO methodology to identify their true IT needs, present them with options, and develop a flexible solution that meets their current and future requirements. For example, we help our clients evaluate the costs and benefits of externally hosting their hardware versus leveraging their existing investment in hardware and data centers. Many clients have been pleasantly surprised with the results obtainable by retaining their own hardware and data centers and having ManageServe manage their applications and technical environments remotely. This unbiased methodology has helped us develop long-term and trusting relationships with our clients.

Lower Ownership Costs

The largest cost components of owning an enterprise application are the on-going support costs. With ManageServe’s Expert Support offering, you have a cost effective solution for managing your SAP applications and reducing your overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 15% to 40% or more. For a fixed monthly fee, ManageServe provides your company the power of SAP applications, with access to expert technical resources from ManageServe’s Client Care Center, through a program that keeps your applications current and performing optimally.

Manageserve Solutions

To better serve our clients’ needs, ManageServe always offers Expert Support – a unique applications management and hosting Service that enables our clients to gain a measurable competitive advantage through a continuous maintenance, support, upgrade and enhancement program for their SAP applications.

Meta Study

[According to META research study breakdown of SAP Maintenance Costs is as follows:]

On-going ERP Support Costs


Software Fees


Application Configuration


Expert Support Benefits

  • Lower SAP support costs by 15% to 40% or more
  • Lower SAP support costs by 15% to 40% or more.
  • Predictable controllable support costs
  • Predictable & controllable support costs.
  • Comprehensive SAP support services
  • Comprehensive SAP support services.

Comprehensive Support

The ManageServe Client Care Center offers comprehensive support services. Staffed 24/7/365, there is always someone available to address our client’s needs. With our proactive technical support, we monitor our client’s SAP applications to identify potential problem areas before they become actual problems.

Utilize Your Initiatives

Our clients have discovered the strategic value in using the Expert Support solutions to easily accomplish strategic initiatives. Our solutions are well suited for existing SAP environments, upgrades to the newest releases, and launch of new functionality; including BW, CRM, SCM and Enterprise Portals.

Flexible and Tailored Solutions

By tailoring our Expert Support offering to the precise needs of our clients, ManageServe provides a best of breed solution. ManageServe provides added flexibility by giving our clients the option to choose from any of the following service delivery conduits or a combination thereof:

Application Hosting

Expert Support Hosted is a comprehensive offering for SAP that includes both applications management and hosting services. ManageServe delivers a complete hosted solution that allows you to focus on improving your business rather than maintaining hardware, data centers and software. We provide an alternative for SAP clients, without the upfront costs for equipment, facilities or personnel needed to maintain a SAP environment.

Application Management

Expert Support Remote is a service where Manage Serve Technology’s highly experienced Client Care Center Team monitors and maintains the client’s SAP applications while the client provides the facilities and hardware where the SAP applications reside. Manage Serve provides its services remotely via a network connection. ManageServe provides expert support both proactively and on demand.

Short-Term Applications Hosting

Many companies are challenged by projects that require interim operating environments for their SAP applications. These projects often include version upgrades, or systems that are being transitioned to retirement. ManageServe can provide temporary operating environments as well as our remote applications management services to keep these systems maintained and operating efficiently for as long as your project requires.

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