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MSI has the experience, leadership, and resources to assist you with a timely, cost-effective, and successful analysis and resolution of Performance Bottlenecks with your SAP systems. We utilize SAP’s tools, our own tools, knowledge and experience and our proprietary processes. The expertise and experience of our team enables us to identify issues and recommend the appropriate solution to resolve performance bottlenecks in a quick and efficient way. During the performance tuning process, we first assist you with reviewing your SAP, database, OS, hardware, storage, and network environment with settings to identify performance bottlenecks. We share critical information and our past experiences and resolution in our Knowledgebase on the various releases, to accelerate the process of analyzing and resolving performance issue. MSI provides many services to ensure a successful resolution of your system performance issues. Some of these Services are:

SAP Technical Analysis and Tuning

  • Analyze and tune SAP buffers.
  • Analyze SAP transaction workload and hardware capacity.
  • Review and recommend SAP kernel patches and support packages.
  • Assist with analyzing worst performing transactions/programs.
  • Analyzing performance of custom programs and reports.
  • Analyzing performance bottlenecks with SAP interfaces and add-on application.
  • Analyzing performance issues with SAP Web Application Server components.

Database Analysis and Tuning

  • Perform database size and growth analysis.
  • Analyze database buffers.
  • Analyze database fragmentation and I/O bottlenecks.

Hardware & Storage Analysis and Sizing

  • Assist with identifying bottlenecks at hardware, OS, storage and network layer.
  • Assist with sizing hardware requirement.

The real challenge of SAP performance optimizing is to identify the issue and take appropriate action to optimize performance and return on investment (ROI).

During the performance tuning process, we review your SAP environment, database, OS, hardware, storage, network environment and settings, and then collect workload and statistical data by monitoring system performance. We then perform thorough analysis and correlation, using information from our proprietary Knowledgebase of our past experiences with various releases, accelerating the process of analyzing and resolving performance issues.

Implementation of the resolution includes the solution for SAP and non-SAP components. Some of the non-SAP components in which we have expertise include: interfaces, EDI, job scheduling, output management, faxing, tax, and monitoring capacity tools. Our process is to implement the solution and perform subsequent monitoring, analysis and fine tuning to verify the improvement in the performance.

Factors That Impact Performance

  • Poorly implemented custom programs or reports
  • Reaching the capacity of current hardware limit
  • Performance issues at SAP application or kernel level
  • Database & OS
  • Performance bottleneck with SAP buffers
  • Bottleneck at database, storage or hardware level
  • Bottleneck from SAP add-on application and interfaces
  • Increase in user and transaction volume
  • Additional system load due to business growth
  • Performance bottleneck with Database buffers
  • Performance bottleneck with CPU, memory or I/O sub system (SAN) Database & OS
  • Performance issue due to bugs at Database or OS kernel level

MSI’s focus on the technical aspects of SAP as well as our 20+ years of experience, makes us the easy choice for doing Performance Tuning of your SAP environment.

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