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Why should you archive?

Many SAP implementations initially by­passed implementing an archiving solution, as the amount of data was minimal. But now that many companies have been running SAP for a few years, the amount of data has grown considerably and needs to be dealt with. The simplest solution available is to add additional DASD (Direct Access Stor­age Devices). However, this has other impli­cations on SAP installations that need to be considered. As the amount of data grows, the execution of Reports, Interfaces and ev­eryday Transactions take longer than neces­sary. The data in the SAP system also begins to lose its significance as time goes on. How­ever, certain data must be kept for regulatory purposes and for historical reference. There­fore, a need for Archiving has arisen.

By establishing an archiving method­ology, performance issues related to the amounts of data within SAP will be controlled and improved. The execution of Reports, Interfaces, and Transactions will run smoother. Regulatory and Historical data will be available when needed. For the sake of your SAP system, some type of ar­chiving solution must be implemented.

ManageServe’s solution to archiving

ManageServe has been actively involved in the processes, procedures, solutions, and advances in the archiving of SAP R/3 data. ManageServe has developed a solution that ensures our customers receive the Industry Best solution for their environment. ManageServe’s unique approach to archiving projects is comprised of an Archiving assessment., review assessment and pilot selection, pilot project, review pilot implementation and full Archiving implementation.

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