If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then HANA is the solution to your problem.

  • Has the response of your BW environment become slower as the amount of data you analyze has grown?
  • Does your Corporate Strategy group want to evaluate the effect of Mergers or Divestitures, or run regular profitability analyses without waiting days for the information?
  • Does your Sales Operations team want near real time analysis of proposed discounting or incentives?
  • Is your logistics team wanting to evaluate multiple Supply Chain scenarios without waiting for days or even weeks?

HANA, SAP’s new in-memory database offering, makes it possible to achieve near real time insight into your business processes. HANA can increase data analysis by a factor of 100-1000 times of what you currently achieve using ‘old’ database technology.

MSI’s team of certified HANA migration experts, is ready to help you migrate to SAP HANA so you too can realize its benefits.

Using MSI’s Enhanced Migration Optimization solution, which includes unique technical accelerators to enhance success, MSI’s EMO provides you with a structured approach to migrate your landscape, handle change management and provide a successful, proven, detailed and complete project plan.

SAP has made MSI a member of its selective global SAP Partner Eco-system to help SAP and its clients with migration to HANA.

MSI, an industry leader, has successfully completed 60+ full SAP migration projects.

The benefits you will realize from selecting MSI for your HANA migration are:

  • Leveraging analytics and transaction data in a single “in-memory” database.
  • Faster time to realization of the value in your new SAP HANA environment.
  • Optimal Migration Strategy.
  • Well defined path for reduced utilization of Client resources.
  • Effective utilization of SAP tools.
  • Fewer Errors because of experience we have with resolution of issues / errors based upon past experience and our knowledgebase repository.
  • Reduced migration down time of up to 50%.

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